"Warhol and the West"

The Booth Museum

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"Did you know that American artist, director, producer, and pop icon Andy Warhol loved the West?

From BoothMuseum.org:

Warhol wore cowboy boots (many paint splattered) most days and traveled often to New Mexico, Texas, and Colorado, areas where he acquired some of his vast personal collection of western art, pottery, photographs, artifacts, fashion, and accessories.

Warhol Made the West Pop

Warhol’s western influences culminated in the last major project before his death – the 1986 series Cowboys and Indians. The 14 iconic Western subjects making up this group include Custer, Geronimo, Annie Oakley, and John Wayne – they form the backbone of Warhol and the West. Joining this rare Warhol series are more than 100 Western objects and other works from the artist’s own collection and related sources."