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See the entire 2019-2010 Out Front Theatre Company season! Season ticket holders are given reserved seats and are able to select any date for each production.
La Cage aux Folles | Oct. 24 - Nov. 9, 2019
After twenty years of un-wedded bliss, Georges and his partner Albin face the hardest challenge of their relationship, yet: meeting their son, Jean-Michel’s fiance’s parents. 
Christmas with the Crawfords | Dec. 5 - Dec. 21, 2019
This riotous camp classic is based on the actual Christmas Eve live radio broadcast from the Joan Crawford’s Brentwood mansion in 1949.
Bull in a China Shop | Jan. 30 - Feb. 15, 2020
This fast-paced comedy is inspired by the real letters between Mary Woolley and Jeannette Marks spanning from 1899 to 1937.
Warplay | March 12 - March 28, 2020
A poetic and funny re-imagining of the relationship between Achilles and Patroclus that reexamines our assumptions about heroism and love. 
The Boys in the Band | April 30 - May 16, 2020
At a party fueled by drugs and alcohol, a game of “Truth” goes terribly wrong.